Coming up: Babaji Weekend 10-12 February.

Everyday Aarti, Havan, Karma yoga. On Saturday evening extra kirtan, and Sunday morning also Paduka Puja. See also Babaji Weekend below Ashram. ALSO: February 9th: day of Babaji Samadhi.


The priceless gift of Sight

In the environment of Chilianaula in India, many people suffer eye problems, for instance cataract problems. The Babaji Charitable Hospital [ ] , located  in Chilianaula, near the Babaji ashram, organizes regularly  camps to give free eye surgery and give these people their eye sight back. Your are invited to take part in this beautiful […]

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Internationale Guru Purnima vieringen, 16-19 Juli, Welkom.

Programma: zie elders.