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Raghuvir with Babaji

Ik ben je doel …

In het engels door Raghuvir: One evening Babaji was interrupting the kirtan and giving a speech sitting on His assan in Herakhan. I was standing next to Him listening attentively. At a certain point He said that it is important to be determined to reach your goal. My mind drifted off…… Since I had met […]

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Babaji - mindpower 2

Manasa Yoga

By Raghuvir – in english: Mahendra Maharaj very appropriate describes Babaji’s mode of teaching when he cites the Dhakshinamurthy Stotra wherein is described that the Sadguru always clears all the doubts of the student in silence itself. Babaji never gives discourses; neither does He encourage nor participate in discussions. Rarely, however, He does orally explain […]

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